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Providing leadership and vision for seventeen years, the prestigious SPA companies cater to a growing market of spa goers and have become a well-known destination for residents of the Ottawa area. The first location, The SPA, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was established in 1996 under the incentive of current owners Christine & Shane Cohen. In December 2006, The SPA Day Retreat was opened as the second 2.6 acre property in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and is one of the largest day spa's in the country.

Each spa location has served as a building block enabling the company to reach its most intriguing chapter- a destination spa and wellness center located in the Caribbean. Continuing the devotion to service and quality familiar to the Canadian locations the doting SPA team focuses on setting the scene for your “home away from home”.


“We aim to create an environment of higher standards, premium services, and the finest quality of products. We are committed to promoting wellness and beauty with attention to detail for our clients, while simultaneously striving to set new standards within the industry itself.

We wish to connect you with an oasis of total well-being and the ritual of renewed relaxation. All our services are customized to your needs, making your experience at the Spa exclusively yours. The real key to our success, of course, lies in our client's testimonials and for that we thank all of those who have visited us in the past and wish to extend a warm welcome to those who have not yet experienced the Spa.”


In just a short period of time our boutique property has been well recognized for leadership within the industry. We were proud to accept our first International Hotel Award in London, England this past November for Best Small Hotel in the Caribbean. Moreover, we humbly accepted two 2013 Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards (#1 for luxury in the Caribbean & #7 for service in the Caribbean) as well as a 2012 & 2013 Tripadvisor Award of Excellence. Finally, The SPA Family is excited about the recent 2013 World Travel Award nomination in the categories of Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Resort & Jamaica’s Leading Boutique Hotel.

The SPA Retreat has also held the position of #1 rated hotel in Jamaica on Tripadvisor for over one year. I will provide the link to our page where you can read the testimonials of our past guests.


Social Responsibility


The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel paid careful attention to procurement and supply in our use of natural resources found on the tropical island of Jamaica in the construction of the property. Everything from the organic foods to the wood detailing, cut stone and thatch roofs has given the resort character and allowed for the property to have an authentic and refined feel.

At The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel we consciously monitor water usage, continuously collecting rain water to irrigate all of our grounds as another water conservation tactic. Top of the line sump pumps have also been installed in all locations to collect excess water in order to reuse the water for grounds maintenance. The property is also equipped with energy efficient lighting as well as heating and cooling systems. Our “lights off” policy is strongly implemented whenever possible. Furthermore, natural light and ocean breeze replaces electrical lights and air conditioning whenever possible.


The SPA Family strives to act as a positive addition to the areas in which we serve, operating under the belief that community empowerment is essential in contributing to a positive change in the social environment. The SPA works to attain this by supporting and educating our next generation of youths. The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel employs upwards of 30 local employees. Each employee is highly trained through our Entrepreneur Training Development Program. Quarterly excursions to expert trade shows as well as monthly meetings and weekly in house training ensure that staff is on the cutting edge within the industry. We aim to positively impact the Jamaican tourist industry by creating jobs and participating in local trade though investment in local farmers and distributors.


Tyler (age 5, grade 1), Jamie (age 10, grade 6) and Omario (age 12, grade 7), are residents of West End Road in Negril, Jamaica. The SPA Team has sponsored these bright young men since the beginning stages of construction of The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel property in October of 2009. Contributing to a safe home environment was the first crucial step, raising their home on cinder blocks to protect from environmental risks and a fresh coat of paint to lift spirits, in addition to clean sheets and blankets and oil lamps for reading. Further to this, Tyler, Jamie and Omario continue to receive books, uniforms, shoes and most importantly their school semester fees from The SPA Family.

The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel is a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers to make a lasting impact in the community of their travel destination. Please click the link below to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.

Pack for a Purpose Projects

Our Blue Mahoe Restaurant proudly interns students from the renowned Culinary Program at the University of Technology (UTECH) to provide genuine work experience for aspiring Chefs. With this we have started a tuition fund and committed to paying the cost of our intern's schooling upon successful completion of the Blue Mahoe Restaurant intern program at The SPA Retreat. The SPA Retreat is also proud to support the Caribbean Culinary Network.

By working together to empower the youth in our communities and around the globe we can build the foundation of trust and begin to fill the gaps. The SPA remains focused on maintaining constructive relationships within their communities. The objective is to raise awareness on local and global issues in order to inspire action.

Pack for a Purpose

“As a family we know we can achieve more together then we can alone.”

The SPA Family

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